Congratulations on your Pregnancy!

By hiring a doula you can:


~Reduce your labor time 

~Reduce your chances of having a cesarean 

~Reduce the likelihood that you will need 

   interventions such as pitocin, forceps, or  vacuum extraction 

~Reduce the likelihood that you will  ask for pain medication or an epidural


~Decrease the likelihood that you will experience postpartum depression

~Improve your bonding experience with your baby

~Learn to breastfeed with greater ease

~Feel that you have had an overall fantastic labor and birth experience.



We will meet at least once before your labor and delivery. I will stay with you through the duration of labor and birth , and up to two hours Postpartum.


Professionally trained and certified through DONA International, the world's premiere Doula organization! I am also a member of DONA International, CAPPA, Birth Matters Tidewater, and Partners in Birth. Certified Hypnobabies doula. 

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