My Clients Words

**More in depth testimonies available upon request.

I do not know what I would have done without Leslie. She was amazing!

I knew I would need this type of attention during my pregnancy and labor and she was definitely the one for the job. she also worked with the babys father and the rest of the family in amazing ways i never thought possible.

She didn’t leave my side for well over 24 hours and when Zoey was born at 3:00 a.m the next day, she still wanted to be there to help me get started with breastfeeding.

I have recommended Leslie to several of my friends who also wish to have a positive birth experience with a Doula.

I am so thankful to have met Leslie while I was pregnant. She is an amazing spirit and wonderful person.

The “cost” of a doula is nothing compared to what you get with Leslie–all I can think of is those mastercard commercial and at the end “Priceless”. Her being at my birth was just that, Priceless, there is NO dollar amount that could accurately portray the service she provided to me! When you find out you are pregnant and start interviewing, please talk to Leslie!

It was truly an honor and blessing to have had this amazing woman present for the birth of our child! We adore her and are so thankful to have her in our lives!
Soft spoken, strong, gentle,courageous and wise beyond her years.

My labor did not happen as I had expected (very common) but Leslie seamlessly supported me. Her experience, positivity, and patience were unrelenting. She remembered my wishes and never wavered with solutions as the situation changed. She guided my husband as he supported me and advocated for me when I had trouble asking for things. My husband still tells everyone, “I am so glad Leslie was there. I don’t know what we would have done without her”. She took pictures and even helped me attempt to breastfeed soon after the birth of my son.

I knew I would need a “rock” for my upcoming birth and I knew that my husband also needed to be confident before he deployed. We were both confident about the birth (our first home birth) and the team we had in place. Leslie was there when I needed it. She let me have a moment of grief and literally held me up during it but without saying she also helped me let it go so I could concentrate and be present for the birth.

I tell my husband that I couldn’t have done it without him and he tells me I’m wrong, that I would have made it through on my own. He’s probably right, but I KNOW that I couldn’t have made it through without Leslie. I was really skeptical, at first. My coworkers had doulas and insisted that I consider one. I gave Leslie a hard time and didn’t think the fee was going to be worth it. What if the labor was easy? I knew I was getting an epidural; what difference would it make? Babies are expensive and that money could have been used elsewhere. All of those thoughts- bull shit. Labor is only the beginning; I get that. The memories of the pain and struggle will fade so quickly once you’re busy with your new baby. But at the time, it’s everything and I now know how important it is to have someone consistent as confident with you. I have birth at Sentara Leigh. My mom jokes that she would go back and stay at that hotel again, any day. It was incredible and we were blessed with the ultimate nurse, but despite being the luckiest ever, Leslie is still what made the difference. Her guidance and calming presence is what kept me and my baby girl at a place where I could push for 6 hours and still keep our vitals at a level that we avoided a cesarean. I am 100% sure that Leslie made the difference between a vaginal and cesarean birth, for me. I am glad to sing her praises at any time.

 Your beautiful birth is right around the corner.